Quake of 1912

The Quake of 1912

In November of 1912, a series of violent earthquakes rocked the city of Verdant. The immediate events caused significant damage to businesses south of Humble River, including the collapse of Verdant’s previous tallest structure, The Godspoke Building. The overall death toll is estimated to be about 900 lives.


After the seismic activity, the resulting damage to Verdant’s water and sewage systems, combined with the Humble River’s unusually heavy flow for the season, resulted in massive floods in downtown and north Verdant. The flood’s death toll was estimated at 56 lives, and the water damage alone was responsible for the closure of twenty six businesses.

Rescue Effort

The resulting rescue effort was likely the largest in United States history, with almost a fifth of the city’s population working to sift through the rubble.


The re-construction of Verdant is widely considered the main cause of the city’s massive population and economic boom in the following decade, due in part to the contributions made by Stanley Rockwell.

Quake of 1912

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